Dillo-Win32 for DOS

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Dillo-Win32 is no longer under active development.
For an up-to-date DOS port, try Georg Potthast’s DilloDOS project:


This page provides information and downloads for the official port of Dillo-Win32 to DOS. Please note that this port is still in the very early stages, and is currently recommended for advanced users and developers only (more information).

Dillo-Win32 3.0p9 Files

Build instructions are available for anyone interested in developing Dillo for DOS; they are long, but they cover virtually everything you need to know. Since the binary packages are fairly recent, the instructions also still contain most of the release notes and valuable information for non-developers, which will eventually be moved onto this page.

Dependency Libraries

These are for DJGPP 2.04 only. See the build instructions.

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